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Tazlar, Turkey

2013 - ongoing

Sculpture Park -Masterplan

Under construction

Landscape Architect

Lily Jencks  Studio with 







Designed by:

JencksSquared were invited to masterplan an art park in Tazlar, Turkey.  Tazlar sits at the crossroads between Istanbul and the Southern coast of Anatalya, and the East-West  route between Ankara and Ismir. The client is in the process of collecting art work for the park, and artists are being commissioned as the Masterplan evolves. JencksSquared are also involved as artists in the park, with the design of lakes, dams and cascades as the project: The 3 Evolutions of Tazlar. 

Tazlar sits on the Anatolian Plateau at 1284m elevation. This landscape here has been cultivated by farmers since wheat was domesticated 12,000 years ago in the Karacadag mountain region of what is today southeastern Turkey. The Tazlar landscape is typified by gentle rolling hills, with small plots of farmed land growing wheat, alfalfa and sunflowers. Large boulders are still  scattered through the land where the topography is too steep to allow cultivation. Surrounding mountains harbour wolves, wild euphorbia and wild tulips. 


The masterplan creates coherent routes across the site and coordinates the location of each different artist. In order to avoid too much inter-visibility between the art work landscape buffers ensure the integrity of the art work in its surroundings and the overall visitor experience. 

Christiane Paul, is the curator of the Art Valley.  Her vision is to create an experience that is cohesive, intriguing, accessible and appealing to the general public, and in particular to art and nature lovers. In the individual projects, technology and nature are to co-exist, integrated, drawing and reflecting upon each other, creating ecosystems of energy.

VISION - create a unique, unexpected, stimulating destination for the general public and art audiences

MISSION - provide visitors with an extraordinary visual experience using the effects of light, water, and motion

VALUE - state-of-the-art technology and nature, aesthetic, minimalist, transformative, surprising, accessible.

JencksSquared Team: Lily Jencks, Charles Jencks, Mieke Tanghe, Nuria Escrivá, Blanche Crossley, John Yim.

Collaborators: Christiane Paul (curator), Raphael Lozano-Hemmer, Erwin Redl, TeamLab (artists).

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