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Designed by:

Midpark hospital, Dumfries, Scotland


Entrance park on hospital grounds

Completed May 

Landform Artist

Landscape design, JencksSquared

This small landform creates a striking entrance garden for a hospital in Dumfries. The central landform pulls in the distant landscape of the Criffel mountain, the Nith River, Dumfries and the cosmic setting. Each element is a reference and orientation point to these distant landscape elements.  

The Double Walk of the title refers to the necessity of carers in the healing process, and the need to have two people walking together through any healthcare system, supporting each other. 

Each of the elements used within the garden are references of the surrounding landscape, some at a local scale, some at a regional scale, and some at a cosmic scale. Helping orient people to this place, and also providing meditative moments for contemplation during a break from the hospital. 

White precast concrete seats highlight the top of the landforms, and provide places to sit and look down onto the design, or out to the distant views of hills of Criffel and others. 


JencksSquared Team: Charles Jencks, Lily Jencks

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