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Lily Jencks Studio (LJS) is a award winning design firm integrating architecture, landscape and art to improve the environment of our cities and surroundings. We are fully integrated with JencksSquared


Our work spans from urban parks to intimate interiors, creating green spaces with strong identities and content-driven forms derived from universal values. 


We work in close collaboration with clients and users, as well as scientists, artists and fabricators, to give each design a distinct identity that appeals to the requirements of the natural realm, a visitor’s intellect, as well as the spatial, social and economic needs of a site.


We have designed and built work on several different continents, and relish the opportunities that these diverse locales bring us. We leverage high-tech computer animated design in our motivation for capturing the beauty and meaning in natural systems.


Our work is:


- Content rich and conceptually engaging: we develop creative and innovative solutions to complement the brief.




- Embedded with a strong narrative, specific to each project, that is developed directly with the client and important stake-holders. 




- Sustainably focused: we source responsibly, and always strive to work with local materials and techniques. We re-claim, re-cycle and re-use to enhance the narrative of the design, where relevant, and are continually exploring new methods to achieve the most sustainable solution.




- Engaged with the close integration of buildings and landscape, considering that living-buildings and artificial-landscapes are the reality.




- Ranging in scale from the Intimate to the Immense: from private courtyards with a very personal feel, to the strategic planning required of public parks.




- Practice resources and workflow managed to ensure that we can set and deliver to realistic design programmes, our designs must always be buildable and cost-effective.


Lily Jencks, Director

Director JencksSquared and LilyJencksStudio

Active board member of Maggies Cancer Caring Centres, UK and HK. Board of Govenors for Keswick Foundation, HK. 


Previous Employment: OMA, Rotterdam. Gehry Partners LLP, LA. Colaborative Editor DIRT published 2012

MLA MArch University Pennsylvania ASLA accredited


Mieke Tanghe

Associate Landscape Architect, Jencks Squared and LilyJencksStudio.


Previous Employment: Gustafson Porter (London), John McAslan + Partners (London), Technum (Ghent, Belgium)

Landscape Architect _ Hogeschool Gent,  Belgium

Patricia Santos 

Architect (ARB/RIBA ), Jencks Squared and LilyJencksStudio.

Creative Director and Editor in


Previous Employment: equipopropio (Valencia, Spain), Rstudio (Valencia, Spain) 

Architect _ Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Distinction in the Final Project Arquitectura, UPV, Spain*

Blanche Crossley 

Junior Landscape Architect, Jencks Squared and LilyJencksStudio.

Previous Employment: Fabrik Landscape Architects (London)

Past Staff:


Nuria Escrivà

Rebecca Otero

Francisca Home de Melo

Virginia Cayzer

Joe Galea

Wouter Ombregt

David Whitte

Megan Burke

Maria Buontempo

Grania Laughnan





Nathanael Dorent

Manja Van de Worp

Smiths Gore, Dumfries

Nous Engineering

Urbis Ltd Hong Kong

Archie McConnel



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