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Stage:          Role:

Designed by:

Primrose Hill, London


Tile Shop Interior 


Interior Architect

Lily Jencks with Nathanael Dorent


Project Awards:

The World Interiors News Awards 2013

Capitol Designer Studio (CDS) commissioned Lily Jencks to create a pop-up installation in Primrose Hill using Marazzi's SistemN tiles.  Working with Nathanael Dorent we created a striking graphic design that would encourage footfall in an area with little passing trade. It became a destination shop for a short time, showing the possibilities of using ceramic tiles to create memorable space. 

Drawing inspiration from Op Art and Gestalt psychology, the tiles are laid out in a zigzagging pattern. The floors, walls and ceiling are warped creating a forced perspective at the back of the space, that distorts a viewers sense of distance.  

Each tile is exactly the same size and had to be installed carefully to ensure a seamless graphic. To get the really vivid exciting pattern, the pattern gos from dark to light to dark in a gradient, like a pulsating wave. 

The floor is sloped, and benches are built into the structure to provide seating and storage in the shop. The tolerence of the tiles to make the pattern continuous over floor/walls/ceiling was very small. As the pattern continues through the room the continuous pattern splits and lighting highlight the split in a dramatic way. 

Lily Jencks Studio: Lily Jencks, Maria Buentempo,

Collaboration:        Nous Engineering: Manja Van Der Worp

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