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Designed by:

Tazlar -Turkey

2013 - ongoing

Sculpture Park

Under construction


Lily Jencks Studio with JencksSquared

Over time the Tazlar landscape has been shaped by geology, ecology and humanity. These three agents have become the storyline for our design. We accentuate the quality of each epoch, and how it overlaps and builds on the previous one.

The narrative is depicted from the beginning of time (which now can be traced back to the Big Bang 13.82 billion years ago) to the present.

This is illustrated as a timeline, and by using the existing topography, terraces, earth, planting, rocks, scrap metal, and sculpture to depict and celebrate each era.

Three successive lakes reveal each epoch with low dams, cascades, waterfalls and stepping stones. A coincidence of teardrop form (a drop that swells out from a point into a globule) relates to the way each epoch flows, then grows into a trumpet shape and then drops gently – or explodes – into the next.

The three agents have been translated into different eras. Era of Minerals, Era of Life, Era of Culture.

The Era of minerals and its continuation today becomes the first subject to be celebrated and dramatized here. Starting with the Big Bang, and then the SuperNova, represented in the stones and walls, the concrete dam with its kinetic cascade, the planting, lake and stepping stones, the pathways and landforms, the words and narrative are cut in stone, metal with customary signs. The meanings have to be communicated, but the landscape enjoyment comes first. 

The two  following lakes show the timeline continuing, portraying the Era of Minerals evolving with the Plate Tectonics into the Era of Life, with the focus on the evolution of the Cell Membrane as a dramatic cascade and the DNA/RNA represented as a series of complex and intricate terraces highlighting the strands and base pairing.

The stream of time flows down from the Era of Minerals towards the Era of life 

The waterfall of consciousness and stepping amphitheatre provides a place for people to gather and re ect on the 3 evolutions of the Tazlar landscape, from Mineral, to Life, to Culture, and so the miracle of ‘our’ place in the Universe 

The Era of Culture leads to our own epoch of the information age depicting the Tree of Life and the evolution of Consciousness.

This last era will show a contemporary theory, that the universe itself is in some sense computing its own future – ‘It from Bit’ as it is sometimes put – and thus the present will refer to the Art Valley as a contemporary conjecture.


JencksSquared: Lily Jencks, Charles Jencks, Mieke Tanghe, Nuria Escrivá, Blanche Crossley, John Yim.

Collaborators:   Christiane Paul (curator)

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