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richmond-plan-1st nation nuria.jpg
We were asked to develop some concepts for a public park in Richmond, near Vancouver in Canada. We were interested in the formal language of the local Northwest Coast tribes how they might be used to influence our landform design. The indigenous art of the North West Coast is distinguished by its sophistication and complexity. It is also composed of simple elements, guided by a rich mythology, that creates images of striking power. Raven, Thunderbird, Killer Whale, Bear have particular meanings that closely link the aminal spirits with places, events and emotions.

2 concept sketch plan NEF.jpg

We felt an interesting parallel between the close relationship between the animal bodies and notions of place, and our own interests in recent science that shows the close relationship between the human body/brain and its distributed relationship to places, events and emotions.

diagram copia.jpeg

We started to use the land and landforming itself to relate back to notions that these First People intuitively understood, and that we are now confirming with empirical science. Unfortunately this project is currently on hold.

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