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BRUTALIST FACELIFT was a competition organised by Homemade Dessert in collaboration with Liepaja City Council and Kurzemes Business Incubator for Karosta neighbourhood in Liepaja City, Latvia.

It was about ‘thinking on a particular way to restore the lost vitality of the “brutalist” apartment buildings, by acting directly upon them.’

It was a really fun experience and we are super proud of showing it although we didn’t win!


The relentless grid of the brutalist box is celebrated in an activated LIFE-SUPPORT SCAFFOLD.

We wrap buildings and EXTEND THE PUBLIC SPACE from the GROUND onto the ROOF. Now the building exists in a matrix of play, event and action. This scaffold is not just ornament! It is an infrastructure for performance, markets, cinemas, playgrounds, bike parking, gyms, everything the inhabitants want to create. This DECORATED SHED now sings about the life within. Each configuration is unique and open to potential, and can be used by the inhabitants, the unit of life (Unite d’habitation) living, moving, evolving AND SUPPORTING the people.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 17.54.33.png

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